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IPhone has a life expectancy of 3 years

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There’s a term for everything in the world.The thing is true in the case of technology. In a recent announcement, the US technology company Apple Authorities said, iPhone life expectancy of 3 years. Such was the case of Apple Watch.However,

The Top Movies in 2016 with Review

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2016 looks set to be a year to remember and it kicks off with the worldwide release of Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight along with Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant in January. Some of 2016’s best films might very

Robots will remove the object suddenly swallowed up

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Has swallowed something else wrong with the food? I fear this may be the day unstable. Because of a small robot or machine made by scientists of the three countries, which will remove the unwanted item in the stomach. Their

‘The life of the iPhone will be completed within three years’

Apple expects iPhones and Apple Watch to last just three years, Update: iPhone expected to last first owners at least 3 years, Apple models new iPhones replaced after 3 years, Your iPhone will expire in 3 years!, Apple pausing iOS 9.3 updates for older devices, working on, In Less Than Two Years, a Smartphone Could Be Your Only Computer, Apple Leak Reveals 'Edgeless Display' New iPhone, iPhone news, reviews, rumors, and how-to's

IPhone will be completed within three years of life expectancy. That gave the US company Apple electronic products maker. They told also, in the same period will expire oyacerao Apple. Apple TV will be completed within four years of life

How To Get $10- $5 Dollars Free Google Play, iTunes Gift Card

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I hope by the grace of God, all is well. This post is for those who are Android and iOS users. First, it is better to keep the Google Play / iTunes gift card in Google Play / App Store

This is the story of Mustafizur Rahman; how he appeared as ‘World Champion’

This is the story of Mustafizur Rahman; how he appeared as ‘World Champion’

Four private tutors were appointed for him at his class six so that he couldn’t go out for playing cricket, but the attempt didn’t work. Surely the boy used to reach playground on the sly avoiding his family members. Can’t

Let’s Know Important Information about Some Banks in Bangladesh (With Web Addresses)

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Central Bank Bangladesh Bank Establishment  : 16 December 1971 (According to Bangladesh Bank Order 1972) Inflation        : 8.65 Reserve          : 10 Bill Dollars Branches       : 9 Website        : Commercial Banks Sonali Bank Authorized