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How To Get $10- $5 Dollars Free Google Play, iTunes Gift Card


I hope by the grace of God, all is well. This post is for those who are Android and iOS users. First, it is better to keep the Google Play / iTunes gift card in Google Play / App Store paid apps from anywhere, including In-App Purchase can buy everything.

Today, we’ll see just how free my apps Download the app without using iTunes, Google Play, Amazon gift cards, including Visa prepaid card will be collected. The Apple app download credit users free my apps to collect and Redeem your iTunes Account of the USA ‘s will be.

Android users need on which Android version 2.3 or later version, and your Facebook account at the e-mail must be provided.

Apple users need on which iOS 6 or later, NonJailbroken iPhone / iPad / iPod and your Facebook account at the e-mail must be provided.


See the picture above free my apps submitted as soon as the 3000 credits worth $ 10 Google Play gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Visa Prepaid Card, Sony Play stations, including Skype, you can collect many types of gift cards.

See the pictures below, after moving in 3000 free my apps Credits $ 10 iTunes Gift Card, I’ve Riddim. See the latest films showing in iTunes credit account is now $ 10.00 USD. Android users rather than just iTunes Riddim Google Play gift cards, and more or less the same all the rest !!!


Now let’s learn how we can earn

1. First, your device (Android / iPhone / iPad / iPod) default Browser by clicking on the link below to enter. If the user is prompted to install the Apple Profile to install it. Do not worry, it’s Verified. (Android users will be asked to install the google play)

Enter by clicking on this link

II. Then scroll down a bit to the website will be launched. Once you see the image below. If you are using Android Google Play button on the right side when you click on the Google Play will be sent to you. And iPhone users by clicking on the left button to install iTunes. Then start downloading apps.


3. After opening the App offer Freemyapps image below to see the inside of the app and how many credits have been by his side. After downloading the app just by 30/60 seconds to play / use Credits will be credited to you through. Before that, however, you never would’ve downloaded the app, you will not any Credit. Credit is no problem but does not delete the app after. And thus, you can download an app will collect Credit. Freemyappps to download each app is at least 100/200 Credits.


4. Sponsor App offer a very low point of the App Store / Google Play in the US region can use any VPN Apps installed, you will get a lot better .VPN APP Offer for Apple users Hotspot Shield VPN for iPhone and Android users ZenMate install the app, or AppStore / Google Play to find and install themselves. And if you do not always have to use the VPN App VPN Apps Connect is just free my apps before will open.

5. Since there is always App offer 21 times a day to check Freemyapps open and without any new download Sponsor App Offer.

So far more than it is about 50+ of my personal / social on at least $ 10 – $ 50 dollar iTunes Gift card, Google Play Store Redeem would have told me.

And to share it with you. If you write in the course of the day to share with your friends. Any comments or questions or comments directly to me, you can tell.

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