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How to increase visitors in your site by ‘Reddit Marketing’ (Video)


Almost all of us regular in using internet actually work on ‘Online Marketing’. As for working on Online Marketing we know about Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Stumbleupon and so on. But guys, these are not my discussable topics today.  Today I will discuss on Social Bookmarking Site ‘Reddit.

Yes, this is ‘Reddit’ which is familiar to you as a popular social bookmarking site for a long. This site’s page rank is 8/10 and Alex Rank is 34. So, it’s clear to you how many people visit this site daily.

Today I’m going to show how you can increase your visitors in site using this ‘Reddit’. If it’s possible for you to bookmark with Reddit’, well, that’s enough. This will bring visitors and more visitors in your site.

Before starting to present the process of  ‘Reddit Marketing’  I have to say some important things regarding it which will actually help to know or understand the system well.

Up-votes and Down-votes:

If you observe you can find some options with ‘Up & Down’ arrow on left side of the submitted links in Reddit. This indicates the voting system by which you can submit your vote by ‘Up Arrow’ if you like the link and by ‘Down Arrow’ if you dislike this. Voting is also possible by commenting.


This is a Point. When you get Up-vote for your submitted link or comment, you will get ‘Karma’ as per system of Reddit. If you get more Down-vote comparatively to Up-vote, you will lose to get Karma and in this case, your site can be ‘Banned’. This happens when you submit your link to blog or site. Perhaps you’re thinking, how is it possible? I’ll show you it immediate later.


Categories in the Reddit are called ‘Sub-Reddits’. The most remarkable and the best thing of Reddit is that you can get all categories here what is not possible in the other bookmarking site.

Stealth Ban:

Stealth Ban means the system by which your site can be banned for your continuous Spuming in Reddit but totally you won’t be informed of this. You can see your submitted link but public will not. To check this, you have to see your Reddit profile URL with a very new browser which you normally do not use to log in your Reddit Account. If there is signal ‘Page Not Found’ you have to make yourself informed that your site has been banned.

Now I will show you how you can enhance your Traffic or Visitors by Reddit in your website or blog.

  1. Firstly, you must create an account in Reddit.
  2. Previously I said to you how your site can be banned for sharing your link to blog or site. Here, start to share new and interesting topics from other’s site or blog in Reddit forgetting about your own site or blog. By this, you can gather a good ‘Karma’ by Up-voting. When your gathered karma will reach 150 or more, then start to share link from your own site as well as be continued sharing from other websites or blogs. If you deny this, unfortunately, your website will be rewarded ‘Ban’.
  3. When you are about to submit something in Sub-Reddit relevant to topic, read out the rules carefully or it will be banned as ‘Spum’.
  4. You need much Up-votes in link for a good number of traffics which helps your link appearing on the front page of Reddit. This is the main target of Reddit. For this, you have to get first 10 Up-votes as soon as possible.

If you gather 100 Up-votes in an hour, this would be much better than gathering 100 votes in 10 hours. Reddit gives high rank to new stories than the old ones. So, try to share new and interesting topics as you can.

Here you must know: what value first 10 Up-votes demands, the next 100 votes demands the same, even the next 1000 votes deserves all the same. But this equality won’t be valid in term of Down-vote if it’s very high. This means that your 10 Down-votes is not bad if you have 120 Up-votes. But if you have 1000 upvotes and 900 Down-votes, then calculate yourself, what will happen!

  1. Your Title of the topic should be interesting so that it can attract the views of visitors.
  2. Uploading time is very important for Reddit. When the activity of visitors is less in Reddit, it’s not wise to share your topic. By getting good activity your topic should be shared before 5pm East.
  3. Try to present yourself active enough by commenting on posts which have much Up-votes. This will help your site to get traffics. If you make a good comment, users will be interested visiting your site by this. They can make Up-vote logging in the link. In this way they start to know about you, they start to follow you and your site. But remember, this should not be happened a lot, which is bad to you.
  4. Don’t try to submit a number of links in a day. This is not granted by Reddit authority. So, submitting one link is enough in a day.

Lastly, I want to say, don’t be upset if there are not enough up-votes from very beginning. Be patient, it will work. Always I say to you- take a time to make a good SEO. If you’re hurrying to do this, no expected result will come. Remember, being hurry in this field irritates Google which is harmful to your site.

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