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Let’s know the tips making ‘Mosquito Coil’ by ourselves


A mosquito bite is not only painful and disgusting but also threat to catch serious diseases like Malaria and Dengue. So, we’re bound to take some measures to leave these mosquitoes. Normally we are to buy mosquito coil or spray from our nearest shop for driving away the mosquito. Perhaps you are little bit successful in your attempt to drive them away using the coil but you might be informed that this kind of coil has a great risk to life.

Isn’t it nice if you can make the coil by yourself? And it will be greater when the coil made by you is considered ‘life-risk-free’. So, our today’s topic is making ‘Mosquito Coil’ by yourself at your home. To perform this act you don’t need much costly elements indeed. So, let’s see how to make a mosquito coil easily.

What we need to make this:

  • Dry Neem Leaf
  • Fresh Neem leaf
  • Candle or Wax
  • Starch
  • Alcohol (Available at Pharmacy)
  •  Blender
  •  Oven
  •  Gretare
  •  A Coil (for using as dice)
  • Aluminum Foil.

What we have to do for it:

  1. Firstly make a paste of fresh neem leaf in blender after removing this from the branch.
  2. Make powder of dry neem leaf.
  3. Then make a mixture of one teaspoon neem leaf paste with same amount of dry leaf in a bow.
  4. Make some powder of wax in gretare and pour one teaspoon powder into neem leaf mixture.
  5. Pour one teaspoon starch and one teaspoon alcohol into the mixture.
  6. Put the bought coil on aluminum foil. Pour the neem mixture in the middle of the wrapped part of coil and cover this with foil.
  7. Put the coil on oven for 5 minutes at medium heat.
  8. Check if it is hard enough or not. Put it again on oven in case of being not so hard.
  9. Remove the bought coil from foil. Be sincere here that the neem leaf coil shouldn’t be broken.
  10. If it seems difficult to make your coil in actual coil shape, then you can leave it to be stick shape like agarbatti.

Well, this is the way to make coil from a neem leaf. Use this coil in lieu of your bought costly and harmful coil.  Then see, it’s a miracle!

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