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Robots will remove the object suddenly swallowed up


Has swallowed something else wrong with the food? I fear this may be the day unstable. Because of a small robot or machine made by scientists of the three countries, which will remove the unwanted item in the stomach. Their hopes, peptic ulcer treated with this device can be used in the future.

In the treatment of robots or automated circulation is not totally new. However, the peculiarity of the new device, it can be folded. So small that they easily fit into a capsule. As a result, it is easy for it to enter the stomach. This unique feat of medical equipment in the US Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Sheffield, UK, and Japan’s Tokyo Institute of Technology, a group of scientists. Daniela has the lead in the reins. They say, a little folding of the device after entering the stomach is opened. Since the magnet outside the body, doctors are able to control it.

Scientists say, button-shaped accessories (such as batteries used in watches and other devices) to swallow up event occurs occasionally. Nearly three thousand events every year in the US alone.

But with the help of the robot, without any kind of surgery so that the battery can be removed from the stomach researchers said.

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