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Some undiscovered information about Neymar


Neymar is one of the ascendant football player of the futuristic world. After becoming 3rd position in 2010, Neymar has been selected as champion of the year  footballer in south America in 19 years of old in 2011 and 2012. In 2011 he got nomination for FIFA Balon D” ex Brazilianor but the position was 10th yet he achieved FIFA prize he is well known for his acceleration, speed, ball passing, fluffiness and the power of equality of two legs. His playing quality brings him critics acceleration, huge fans and the compex-Brazilianfootballer Pele. Pele said about Neymar  “an excellent player”. Does the word of legend go in vein? Never,  that’s assarting are the following:

Acquisitions and honor:

Club Satus/ chempionato poulista  (3) 2010, 2011,2012.

Copa do Brazile(1) 2010.

Copa libertodas(1) 2011.

Recopa sudamericana(1) 2012.

Barcelona super Copa de Spana(1) 2013.

National team brazil south american youth championship(1) 2011.

Super classico de las amerika (2) 2011,2012.

Olympic silver prize (1) 2012.

FIFA federations cup (1) 2013.

Personal achievement:

championato poulister  best youth player (1) 2009.

Best forward  of championatu poulister (4) 2010 2011,2012,2013.

Best forwar of championatu bazileiru  (3) 2010,2011,2012.

Best player of championatu poulister(4) 2010,2011,2012,2013.

Best  player of south america youth championship(1) 2011

Best  player of copa libertodus (1) 2011

Best  player of championato brasileiro seres (1) 2011

Best  player of  recopa suda amerikana 2012

Golden ball of fifa confederation cup 2013

Year best youth player 2011

Chempionato brasileiro championship squade 2010 2011 2012

Copa libertodas championship squade 2012

Arther  friden rech prize 2010, 2012

Armando nogoira trofee 2011 2012

Golden ball 2011

Best  player of brazilian league selected by magazine plasa silver ball 2010 2011

Best  forward of brazilian league selected by magazine plasa silver ball horse kongkers  2012

Golden boot 2010,11,12

 Best goaler of copa do brazil that is considered  hieghest goal of whole competetion of brazil 2010

Highest goaler  of youth championship of south america 2011

FIFA club world bronch ball 2011

Year best south american player 2011 2012

FIFA Poscus award 2011

Highest goaler  of chempionato poulista 2012

Highest goaler of copa libertodus 2012

Broanch boot of FIFA federation cup 2013

Dream team of FIFA federation cup 2013.

 Bronze boot: In 2014 world cup:

Only 22 years old, he gained everything of his life. now the balon d’Or and world cup are left, we hope very soon this dream will be fulfilled

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