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The Top Movies in 2016 with Review


2016 looks set to be a year to remember and it kicks off with the worldwide release of Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight along with Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant in January. Some of 2016’s best films might very well be comic book movies as the DC and Marvel adaptations continue while the highly anticipated Batman v Superman hits theatres in March.
April not only sees the release of a new live-action version of The Jungle Book but also a number of interesting art house pictures including Green Room and Demolition starring Jake Gyllenhaal. This list is a compilation of the top 20 best and most anticipated releases. Although it may be hit and miss with some of the action movies and comedies, the following films all have the potential to be some of the best movies of 2016.

April not only sees the release of a new live-action version of The Jungle Book but also a number of interesting art house pictures including Green Room and Demolition starring Jake Gyllenhaal. This list is a compilation of the top 20 best and most anticipated releases. Although it may be hit and miss with some of the action movies and comedies, the following films all have the potential to be some of the best movies of 2016.

The Hateful Eight – Release Date: January 8th,  2016
The Hateful Eight Movie 2016
Quentin Tarantino returns with another violent postmodern western, this time telling the story of an ever-expanding group of bounty hunters who struggle with trust issues as they trek through a blizzard in a journey up to Wyoming’s Red Rock. The aim of the trip is to escort prisoner Daisy Domergue to her murder trial but as the group expands along the way and tensions rise, deception and bad weather conditions make the goal seem more and more unattainable. Set in the period directly after the Civil War, the film looks set to share many generic themes with Tarantino’s pre-Civil War western Django Unchained.

 The Revenant – Release Date: January 8th,  2016
The Revenant Movie 2016
Taking place in 1820s America, explorer Hugh Glass finds himself in jeopardy after being chased and mauled by a bear while travelling through the unchartered wilderness. After being robbed and abandoned by the other men in his team, Glass must fight for survival as he realises that the chance he will make it through the winter alive is very slim. The film depicts his brutal 200-mile journey which he treks with the hope of exacting revenge on John Fitzgerald who was responsible for killing his son and leaving Glass for dead.

Deadpool – Release Date: February 12th, 2016
Deadpool Movie 2016
One of a trio of Marvel films released this year, comic book adaptation Deadpool is intended to slot seamlessly into the X-Men universe. This instalment concerns itself with disfigured antihero Wade Wilson, a Special Forces operative who was subject to a failed experiment which was supposed to help find a cure for cancer. Wilson may have gained special healing powers but he also inherited an unstable mind and twisted sense of humour which leads him to adopt a new identity – Deadpool. Armed with his superhuman abilities, Deadpool sets out to find the man who changed his life forever. See the review

10 Cloverfield Lane – Release Date: March 11th, 2016
the best movies in 2016
Director Dan Trachtenberg’s follow-up to 2008 hit Cloverfield isn’t so much a sequel as it is a white knuckle companion piece. Paring down the epicness of the original for something decidedly small scale in it’s place, Lane documents the post-apocalyptic existence of Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), Winston (John Goodman), and Emmett (John Gallagher, Jr.). Unsure as to how she ended up in a bunker with these two, Michelle ultimately decides to make a break for humanity and test the truthfulness of Winston’s warning statements. What she finds, unfortunately, might not be to her liking. This thriller outing comes backed by co-writer Damien Chazelle (Whiplash) and producer extraordinaire J.J. Abrams (Super 8, Star Wars).

The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Release Date: March 18th, 2016
The Divergent Series Allegiant Review
With Twilight and The Hunger Games hanging up their box office gold for good, Divergent is the last teen sensation in town. Granted, it may lean towards the former in critical mockery, but that doesn’t keep Shailene Woodley’s daring Tris from pulling in big numbers time and time again. This time, as the first in a two-part finale based on the book series, our hero is forced to venture past the ruined walls of Chicago in order to battle the oppressive powers that be. Joined by teen heartthrobs like Miles Teller, Zoe Kravitz, and Ansel Elgort, this CGI spectacle is one of the many epics arriving in theaters this year.

 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Release Date:  March 25, 2016
Batman V Superman Movie 2016
While the danger to mankind has only increased following the destruction of Metropolis in Man of Steel, two DC legends ferociously cross paths as Gotham City’s masked vigilante, Batman, goes off to make up his own mind on whether or not the god-like Superman is a help or hindrance to an already crumbling world. While the two fiercely face off against each other, the helpless watch on as a new danger emerges and the future of the human race begins to look terrifyingly bleak. Batman v Superman is the first time that the two iconic characters have crossed paths in a live action film.

The Huntsman – Release Date:  April 22nd, 2016
The Huntsman Movie 2016

This part spin-off, the part prequel of Snow White and the Huntsman sees Eric and Sara under the control of Freya the Ice Queen. While attempting to build up a deadly army in a remote wintery palace, Freya discovers that the pair has broken her one rule that warriors should never fall in love. After they are banished from her kingdom, the two must fight to be reunited as Freya learns of the death of her sister Ravenna and hopes to resurrect her by using her magic mirror. Working together the sisters pose more threat to the land than ever before and its down to Eric and Sara to fight them.

Captain America: Civil War – Release Date: May 6th, 2016
Captain America Civil War Movie 2016
Marvel’s third 2016 release on this list and the thirteenth instalment in the Marvel cinematic universe, Captain America: Civil War follows on from the events in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This next chapter will once again feature a huge Avengers cast, including Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and Paul Rudd as Ant-Man. The team faces new obstacles in the wake of an extremely damaging political decision leading to a divide between the members. This incident ultimately results in Captain America and Iron Man openly engaging in conflict. Civil War is the second Captain America movie directed by the Russo brothers who are also set to direct two more Avengers films over the next few years.

The Free State of Jones – Release Date: May 13th, 2016
The Free State of Jones Movie 2016
Set in the Civil War, The Free State of Jones depicts the true struggle of poor Mississippi farmer Newton Knight, played by Matthew McConaughey, who found himself in charge of a group of anti-slavery deserters while rebelling against the Confederacy. After he survives the Battle of Corinth, Knight leads the men across Jones County to start their rebellion. On his journey, Knight ends up marrying a former slave girl and creating the first mixed-race community in the region. His fight continues well into the post-war period as he faces the KKK and promotes Reconstruction-era change.

X-Men: Apocalypse – Release Date: May 27th, 2016
X-Men Apocalypse Movie 2016
The X-Men saga continues, picking up the story ten years after the events of the previous movie X-Men: Days of Future Past. A decade has not yet reunited Professor X, Magneto, and Mystique but they are destined to cross paths when the immortal mutant, Apocalypse, awakens from his tomb with the intention of stirring up catastrophic trouble. Apocalypse is accompanied by the Four Horsemen, consisting of Storm, Angel, Psylocke, and Magneto, recruiting them to help him ‘cleanse’ the human race as a battle ensues between the forces of good and evil.

Alice Through the Looking Glass – Release Date: May 27th, 2016
Alice Through the Looking Glass Movie
Adapted from the famous Lewis Carroll novel, Alice Through the Looking Glass depicts Alice’s adventure when she returns back to Wonderland in order to save the Mad Hatter. Her adventure involves obtaining a magical sceptre which will prevent the Lord of Time from altering the future of the magical world forever. She is helped by many friends along the way and must deal with the revelation that the dastardly Queen of Hearts might very well be put back in power if evil prevails. Tim Burton has been replaced in the director’s chair by James Bobin who made both of the Muppets reboot movies.

Warcraft – Release Date: June 10th 2016
Warcraft Movie 2016
Based on the popular video game series, Warcraft is an epic action-adventure film set in a fantasy world on the brink of war. The world of Azeroth prepares itself for an inevitable battle as humans and orcs collide in a brutal conflict for land. The orcs are a band of warriors who have fled their home of Draenor which faces extinction. After the Dark Portal opens between the two worlds, allowing the orcs to escape much to the dismay of the human inhabitants of Azeroth, the two sides must accept that soon the land will be the site of much bloodshed.

Finding Dory – Release Date: June 17th, 2016

the top kids movies releasing in 2016
Despite fans having to wait a whole 13 years for a sequel to Pixar’s Finding Nemo, this second instalment takes place just 6 months after the events of the first film. When forgetful fish Dory realises she can recall some of her childhood memories, she decides to seek out her family in Monterey, California. Accompanied by her friends Marlin and Nemo, the trip leads her to Monterey Marine Life Institute where she finds help from a white beluga whale, a whale shark, and an octopus. Along the way, the group learns many life lessons, particularly in relation to the family.

Independence Day: Resurgence –  June 24th, 2016

It’s been two decades since Independence Day hit cinemas but Roland Emmerich has finally returned with the follow-up to the classic Sci-Fi action movie. Actors who will be reprising their roles include Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, and Judd Hirsch. In keeping with the real-life timeframe, the film is set twenty years after the first movie and shows the world still recovering from the invasion. Earth’s nations have combined to use alien technology to build new defense systems in order to protect the planet from future attack. Unfortunately, the aliens sent back a distress signal and more are on the way to threaten the blue planet once again..

The BFG – Release Date: July 1st, 2016
The BFG Movie
Taken from the pages of iconic author Roald Dahl, The BFG follows young Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) as he slips into a world of wonderment and excitement. Much of which arrives in the form of the titular character (Mark Rylance), who turns out be a 24 foot tall giant with gargantuan ears and a dreamcatcher to boot. Naturally, innocent insanity occurs between Sophie and her elderly new pal, but not before unleashing a tangent of nightmares and evil giants that cause quite the ruckus overseas. As co-writer/director on the project, Steven Spielberg is an ideal choice to bring this fantasy-laden affair to the big screen, with recent previews only confirming this antsy potential. Family fun that could actually be fun, who would’ve thought?

The Purge: Election Year – Release Date: July 1st, 2016
The Purge Election Year Review
Picking up where 2013’s Anarchy left off, this third Purge outing finds antihero Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) warding off savage attacks while trying to protect a politician with unpopular beliefs. As a strict advocate of ending the yearly violence, Senator Charlene Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) has been set-up by her enemies, and it’s up the old battle-axe Barnes to save the day while carrying the power to end the purge once and for all. Whether or not this will be the conclusion of the series remains to be seen – but, if the success of director James DeMonaco continues, fans might get to see another one in a few years.

The Legend of Tarzan – Release Date: July 1st, 2016
The Legend of Tarzan Movie
What happens to Tarzan when he actually went to England with Jane instead of remaining in the jungle? That’s what writer/director David Yates gets a chance to show in this, the latest screen adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ iconic character. Played with strapping tenacity by Alexander Skarsgard, this Tarzan is a refined citizen with poise and a doting wife (Margot Robbie) to match. Unfortunately, the savagery of the jungle beckons, and the former ape-man returns to his home under the assumption of being a trade emissary. Corrupt Captain León Brom (Christoph Waltz) has other plans for Tarzan, however, as a descent into human violence quickly suggests. Harry Potter director Yates has a potential smash on his hands with this one.

Ghostbusters – Release Date: July 15th, 2016
Ghostbusters 2016
Just when it seemed as if all chances of a Ghostbusters reboot were a bust, in comes to director Paul Feig with comedic muses Kristin Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. This time, backed by the supporting silliness of New Yorkers Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) and Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones), the newly minted quartet of ladies will take on the city’s biggest threat yet: an evil demon named Rowan (Neil Casey). Subject to tons of backlash and crying out from fans of the original, this reboot/sequel has proven one of the year’s most divisive summer releases. But given the terrific track record between McCarthy and Feig, it looks like the neighborhood just got a new number to call.

Star Trek: Beyond – Release Date: July 22nd, 2016
Star Trek Beyond Movie
While the rebooted franchise no longer has J.J. Abrams at the helm (though he’s stayed on as producer), Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and friends still look to go above and Beyond with this third Star Trek outing. A few years have past since the scrap with Khan left things wildly shaken, and The Enterprise is running smoothly – until, of course, the crew bumps into a hyper-evolved species hell-bent on destruction. Led by the perilous Krall (Idris Elba), Kirk, Spock (Zachary Quinto) and the rest of the gang must fight for survival while warding off an impending takeover. All set to the tune of The Beastie Boys’ Sabotage. Now that’s a fun summer movie.

Jason Bourne – Release Date: July 29th, 2016
Jason Bourne 2016
Following in the tense security of it’s character, the plot of Jason Bourne has yet to be fully divulged to the public. The former hit-man has already taken down various assassins and organizations throughout his escapades while inspiring a spinoff film (The Bourne Legacy) and worldwide stardom for actor Matt Damon. Thing is, these glory days date back nearly a decade, so it’s going to be interesting to see what Damon and director Paul Greengrass (The Green Zone, Captain Phillips) are able to stir up with the aid of incoming Oscar winners Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander. Ball’s in your court, Bourne.

Suicide Squad – Release Date: August 5th, 2016
The Top Films in 2016
Celebrated up and down the block since its first announcement in 2015, Suicide Squad has since become the great white hope of DC Studios moving forward. The horrendous reviews behind Batman v Superman left a bad taste in people’s mouths, leading to various reshoots and alterations to be made in this film as a result. Granted, it’s all speculation until the final product is out, and until then all viewers can do is marvel (no pun intended) at the assembly of Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto that makes up this array of psychos and mercenaries. Here’s hoping this merry band of Queen-stars can deliver.

Solace – Release Date: September 2nd, 2016
2016 best thriller
A flip of the Hannibal Lector series in that Anthony Hopkins actually plays a good doctor, Solace is an ice cold entry into the world of serial killers. Hopkins, playing opposite FBI agent Joe Meriweather (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), is an esteemed criminal psychologist with a knack for thinking like his patients. Naturally, he’s the ideal choice when deranged murderer Charles Ambrose (Colin Farrell) goes on a killing spree, providing Dr. Clancy with his toughest case yet. Especially when he realizes that Ambrose can foresee the future. It won’t redefine cinema, but it’ll provide a cozy cup of thrills to sip on those late summer nights. Especially now that Hannibal is cancelled on NBC.

The Magnificent Seven – Release Date: September 23rd, 2016
The Magnificent Seven Movie
As the first official remake of The Magnificent Seven (1960) and the second unofficial remake of The Seven Samurai (1954), Antoine Fuqua’s star-studded western is shaping up to be one of the year’s biggest events. Even excluding the iconic narrative, a murderer’s row of acting that includes Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ethan Hawke, Peter Sarsgaard, and Matt Bomer bring the goods through charisma and killer gunplay. Movie lovers are tentative, to say the least regarding such hallowed source material, but casual viewers and supporters alike seem to be onboard. Next stop, the winner of this year’s throwback western.

Doctor Strange – Release Date: November 4th, 2016
Doctor Strange Movie
Another gestated project finally getting it’s release date, Doctor Strange has been discussed as far back as the 80’s, when Repo Men director Alex Cox tried to get it made with Harry Dean Stanton. That would’ve been undoubtedly sweet, but given the current combo of Benedict Cumberbatch and director Scott Derrickson, it seems that waiting was the best option. Now, as part of Marvel’s ever-expanding cinematic universe, the origin story of Stephen Strange (Cumberbatch) and his quest for an injury cure leave him knee deep in the realm of black magic and sorcery. To a guy who plays Sherlock Holmes every year, such a part is going to be a piece of cake – Marvel has another hit on their hands.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Release Date: November 18th, 2016
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Movie
Harry Potter performed so astronomically well as a franchise, it makes perfect sense Warner Bros. would want to return to the well – albeit with a much less impressive pail. Fantastic Beasts, a prequel/spinoff written by J.K. Rowling, tells the tale of one Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), who is thrust into locating a collection of vicious creatures let loose on the muggle world. Along the way, Newt encounters various oddballs and eccentrics (Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol, Colin Farrell) who help him in his search. Directed by Potter specialist David Yates, Beasts would be a true magic trick to pull off for viewers worldwide.

Star Wars: Rogue One – Release Date: December 16th, 2016
this years most anticipated film
Curiously anticipated since it’s announcement last year, Rogue One will be a trendsetter on several counts. It will not only be the first Star Wars prequel set around the era of A New Hope (1977) but the first without any previous franchise characters to ground it’s space cred. As such, Godzilla director Gareth Edwards has his work cut out for him heading into a December release date; having to contend with towering icons while holding his own in the extended universe. Things are made easier by a cast consisting of Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Forest Whitaker, Mads Mikkelsen, and a flurry of others heading into battle, so in this regard, Rogue One will be a wild card closing out the Christmas season. May the force be with them.

Assassin’s Creed – Release Date: December 21st, 2016
Assassins Creed Movie
Talks of an Assassin’s Creed movie have been kicked around for a great many years, each time with the excitement and unease of video game fans eventually pulling the plug. But now, through a second team-up of Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender and Justin Kurzel, the tale of everyone’s favorite murderer has been given big screen life. Creed’s storyline, set in the same universe as it’s video game inspiration, will offer an original story that finds Callum Lynch (Fassbender) discovering the profession of his family lineage and following in their sword wielding footsteps. Given what both actor and director were able to achieve with last year’s Macbeth, this one should be downright awesome.

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