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This is the story of Mustafizur Rahman; how he appeared as ‘World Champion’


Four private tutors were appointed for him at his class six so that he couldn’t go out for playing cricket, but the attempt didn’t work. Surely the boy used to reach playground on the sly avoiding his family members. Can’t you recognize who this boy is? Yes, ‘Mustafizur Rahman’, this is the ‘Boy of Wonder’ in Bangladesh Cricket as well as in World Cricket.

His first appearance was wow! 18 June, the day when he made a Bangladesh victory confirm against powerful Team India grabbing amazing 5 wickets at his debut. He was selected for ‘Man of the Match’ as usual. The next match for this debutant was waiting for ‘History’. What was it! Well, this craze, this pace bowler snatched 6 wickets at his 2nd match, a new history was written then in world cricket.

Mustafizur Rahman’s father was much sincere about his son’s education. His businessman father Abul Kashem wanted his son to be doctor or engineer. But Musfafizur Rahman becomes a cricketer today. This doesn’t make his father sad more, rather he says, ‘My son is not only ours today but he is the property of 16 crore people in Bangladesh, he need not to be doctor or engineer, let him play only cricket’.

Village Tertulia at Tarali Union of Kaliganj, 45 kilometers away from Satkhira is Mustafizur Rahman’s home. Mustafizur Rahman was born on September in 1995. He is the youngest of four brothers and two sisters.

The condition of playing cricket was not favorable for Mustafizur Rahman at very beginning already what has been mentioned. But his brother Mokhlesur Rahman stood beside him demolishing all obstacles against him. He encouraged Mustafizur and made this ‘Wonder’ for the world cricket in recent time.

Mokhlesur Rahman told the history behind the making of today’s Mustafizur Rahman. Mokhlesur Rahman and his immediate senior brother played Tennis Ball Cricket at that time. Mustafizur Rahman then joined with them. Three brothers participated in one match in field. Mustafizur Rahman used to enjoy batting at that time.

In one match it was very tough to make a batsman out as he was playing well. Then Mokhlesur Rahman gave the ball on Mustafizur’s hand. Mustafizur Rahman amazingly picked up the wicket at his very first ball. This was the ‘Start’ of running towards his landmark.

Then Mustafizur Rahman was admitted to a training centre for bowling. Mokhlesur Rahman carried Mustafizur daily to Satkhira Sadar by his motorbike  for the training. Mustafizur played under-14, then under-17 successfully. At a time he came at National Sher-e-Bangla Stadium for fast bowling camp. At the camp Mustafizur Rahman caught the attention of the coaches. Then he played under-19. After a session of under-19 this boy was given chance to play for national team for showing his talent to the world.

Now, Mustafizur Rahman is the name of fear to the batsman. He continues his steamroller on batsman of the opposite team. Already he was named ‘Cutter’ for his very special delivery along with great sewing.

The successful cricketer in Bangladesh Cricket, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza is recognized as ‘Norail Express’ for being from hometown Norail. Mustafizur Rahman is from Satkhira. So, is it unwise to call him `Satkhira Express’?

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